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TOK Exhibits at Manufacturing World Japan

We are excited to announce that TOK will exhibit at the 29th Manufacturing World Japan at Tokyo Big Sight from June 20th to 22nd. We will show our standard products like rotary dampers and bearings, and also our new developments SR2 and SRX! We are looking forward to having a meeting with potential customers in E75-10!
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Characteristics of temperature and speed dependence

Oil dampers have characteristics of temperature and speed dependence.

     In general, the viscosity of liquid changes greatly with temperature. Especially the viscosity of oil changes markedly as temperature changes. The viscosity decreases as the temperature rises and the viscosity rises as it goes down. This phenomenon is called temperature characteristic. The damper has the property that the torque changes with the difference in temperature. When the temperature is higher, the movement is faster, the temperature is lower, the movement is slower. In other words, damper not affected by temperature can be said to be easy to use damper.
     As an example, here is the graph of characteristics of temperature TD 14. At 23 degrees, closing time is 6.5 seconds, and at 40 degrees, closing time is 6 seconds, even at 0 degrees, it is 7.3 seconds. If the temperature goes up and the viscosity of the oil drops, it gets faster but it does not go up much.

     Also, as the speed goes up the …