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What’s torque?

Torque is an instantaneous force that rotates an object around its rotary shaft. Torque expresses the necessary force when moving an object. For example, when riding a bicycle, torque is the pushing force of the pedal. If you are pushing the pedal strongly, then the torque is greater.  The greater the force required to support the lid, and the greater the length of the object, the greater the objects torque will be.

Example calculation in case of toilet lid Weight: 1kgf(=9.8N) Length: 0.4m(gravity point=0.4m/2=0.2m) ↓ 9.8N×0.2m=1.96N・m ↓ The following TOK dampers would be suitable!

Torque generation method

There are mainly 3 ways to generate torque with a damper. 1.Pressure : it moves like syringe 2.Sliding Resistance : friction movement 3.Shear Resistance : it moves like scissors
They are used for the following types of dampers. 1.Pressure → Finite angle damper 2.Sliding Resistance → Friction damper 3.Shear Resistance → Infinite angle damper
Here are the inside of housing↓

What’s silicone oil?

TOK dampers are mostly filled with silicone oil.
     Silicone oil is colorless liquid and the most versatile product among silicone products. The silicone oil has beneficial effect in heat resistance, cold resistance, and electrical quality. It also has different interface properties, and has excellent characteristics not found in mineral oil, animal and vegetable oils and various synthetic oils. In addition, silicone oil has wide range of viscosity.
     Therefore, it is used in a wide range of fields such as electric equipment, lubricating, heat and cold resistance, water resistance, paint resin, and fiber oil.

     Using various viscosity oils, TOK can provide you with several torques of dampers as the customer's request.