What's rotary damper?

     Rotary damper is the mechanical parts to buffer the impact of the lid closing / opening. Rotary damper is effective for consistent motion, soft closing / opening, improved safety, and makes a product luxurious.
     We manufacture oil filled style rotary dampers and there are 2 types of rotary dampers: finite and infinite angle damper. Finite angle rotary damper has limited operation angle. e.g. 110°, 180° etc. On the other hand, infinite rotary damper rotates 360° without limit.

finite damper

infinite damper

     They are used in a variety of situations such as kitchen and bath, industrial, furniture, automotive, and more. Our rotary damper is used for toilet lid/covers, trash cans, sliding doors, kitchen cabinets, piano covers, vending machine, etc. The rotary damper is very important for our quality of life!

Application example

Shelf and Drawer
 Lid of Pianos

Flap cover of vending machine   

Toilet Seats and Covers


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